Wee bit of work done on the front page of the Spanish version of this site. Still a long way to go before it’s ready. We linked it to the facebook page to keep things more up-to-date.  This English version will stay in the blog format until now.

Site’s back!

Our former hosts decided to delete the whole VPS without warning and as I wasn’t managing the site at the time I didn’t have any backups of the template. Thanks to our friends at Way Back Machine we’re able to recover the basic layout of the site though. Over the next two weeks I”ll be fixing everything and maybe adding some new features. Thanks for your patience!  I’m temporarily running the site until I get the pages developed and then will pass it on to people in La Esperanza. For now you can check out the Lenca Rugby Facebook page for the latest news and information and also the Rugby Honduras sites.

~John M