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Lenca Rugby Club

Welcome to the official Lenca Rugby site. Lenca rugby is a small independent project originally started in 2012 to teach young people in Honduras about the sport of rugby. We were one of the first two groups to begin training Honduran rugby players and have helped grow the sport by providing publicity and helping people learn how to play.

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Photo Gallery


The first rugby posts in Honduras (2012)

Halfway done cutting the grass (2012)

Touch rugby with the kids in El Tejar (2013)

Tired after a game of rugby (2012)

Working with the girls in Yamaranguila (2013)

Youth group in Yamaranguila (2012)

Ladies rugby (2013)

Rugby kids in Santa Anita (2013)

Clowning around in Yamaranguila (2012)

We had an unusual spectator (2012)

Homeless kid in El Tejar (2013)

Push-ups (2012)

Santa Anita kids (2013)

El Tejar kids (2012)

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Email : info@lencarugby.com

Call : +504 9723-4690

Skype : johnsie

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Col. San Carlos, La Esperanza,